Legend has it that the students of "the Morgue" come back to Bloom on Oct. 31, for a reunion dance.





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Elizabeth, or what her friends called her  "Barbi", She was a stunning beauty, new to Chicago Heights, and Bloom. Her family were new to the area and were transinent at best.

She quickly became "popular" , despite her family lack of intergration in  the Bloom' community.

Legend has it that on a  tremendous Bloom athletic  victoty and after coming from the infamous 'Morgue",  some of the most prominent boys asked her to a private after party in the woods of the 26th street forest preserves.

She was never to be heard from again, her family left the area within weeks.

It is said that she is still in the forest preserves and some times come back to Bloom.

I was having Maths lesson. My class was paying full attention to the subject teacher. I was looking at the board when I heard someone call my name. I turned and none of my friends was looking at me. That voice I heard was a young girls voice. I called my friends, one by one, asking if they had called me or not.But they with a serious face, “NO”.I wondered who it was.

Although always playing second fiddle to Jeanne Dixon, who claimed to have predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Hughes found her own psychic niche, appearing with Regis Philbin and Merv Griffin and at one point named “one of the ten most amazing psychics” by the National Enquirer.

From Chicago Heights, IL

The haunted Tower Stairwell

The Bloom tower is supposed to be haunted by lost students who mysteriously  

went missing and never graduated or appeared in any yearbooks!

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Legend has it that during school hours in the 80's, a man would run through the school and kiss random girls and then suddenly disappear. He was called the "kissing bandit"

Bloom once hosted dances and parties for 

decades  after athletic and entertainment events  in a place for associated  with dead people,

Trojans called it the "The Morgue"