On June 2-3, 2017, BAAA will launch their 3 Summer Chapman Basketball Clinic. This event, in which scores of Bloom alums and friends are coming together to inspire and give back to the current and future student-athletes of BTHS. During this year’s two-day event, area students will be able to attend a sports clinic divided into three themes of health, education/mentoring and hands-on athletic development sessions. These sessions will be staffed with experienced noteworthy Bloom business, educational and sports professionals. The health and nutritional component will be provided by St James Hospital’s Heath Choices Program staff.  These three themes represent Health, Education, and Athletic Training (HEAT). This summer the Bloom Alumni Athletic Association plan on bringing the heat to our neediest kids!

The 2017 two day’s events will have several new events …

All- State Basketball Awards Dinner
Alumni Free Throw and 3 Point Challenge
Bloom Trail vs. Bloom High School alumni Basketball Challenge   “The Civil War II”

 Please join us in the fun and this enrichment opportunity. Tickets are available (donation xxxxx) in advance or call the Bloom Archives (708) 755-1122 ext. 2301   A limited number of scholarships may still be available for youths by contacting BAAA secretary, Donna Filips/ 1-708-417-1209.  All former alumni professionals wishing  to donate their time and expertise leave a message with your name and contact information and she will get right back to you.

Bloom Giving Back

The greatest collection of Bloom's finest basketball players ever assembled in one place!

From 1967-2002

All Staters


JUNE 2-3 , 2017